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Is there an update for the Connect You Plug-In for Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 products? 00000776 Background: Adobe has released a new version of the Creative Cloud products: Among others these include Adobe InDesign CC 2018, as well as Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.
Solution: As t...
Are the Enfocus products compatible with macOS High Sierra? 00000773 Apple has released the new version of its operating system: macOS High Sierra, you can find details on compatibility of the current Enfocus with the new platform on the following page of the Enfocu...
Acrobat DC installed an update and now my PitStop toolbars have disappeared. How can I fix this? 00000770 Background:
A recent update to Adobe Acrobat DC is causing the toolbars for installed plug-ins to disappear, including PitStop Pro toolbars. The issue only happens when the Acrobat setting ...
I own a valid maintenance contract, how and when do I receive my upgrade key and download links? 00000757 For the PitStop and Connect product family:
Every time a major upgrade (where the major version number changes, for example the upgrade from PitStop 13 to PitStop 2017), you'll need a new...
I'm using Acrobat DC 2017 and my PitStop Pro selection tool has become unresponsive or slow. What do I do? 00000756 Symptom
When I try to select anything with the PitStop Pro selection tool, nothing is selected or it takes a long time before it is selected. Other tools might be acting up to.
Where can I download the installers for older versions of Enfocus Products. 00000696 Background
The Enfocus website lists only the current version.
You can download installers for previous versions of Enfocus products from this page: Old product inst...
Can I update my credit card used for an Enfocus subscription? 00000744 Symptoms:
I have purchased an Enfocus subscription using a credit card that is no longer the desired card for payments.
You can change the credit card details for yo...
Acrobat is crashing with PitStop Pro installed 00000393 There can be several reasons why Acrobat crashes with PitStop Pro installed.  Below is the list of things to check in order.
Cause 1: Corrupted Preferences
Please backup any custom Acti...
Color Management not available in Acrobat DC 00000718 Adobe Color Management is only offered in 32 bit. It is not available in 64 bit.
All versions of Acrobat, with the exception of Acrobat DC,  have the option to run in 32 bit and therefore coul...