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Solution TitleWhat is new in Connect 13 update 1
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What’s New in Connect 13 update 1

Support for PitStop 13 (YOU/ALL)
Now in Connect 13 update 1 is support for PitStop 13 preflight profiles and Action Lists. With this support, new functions and enhancements are added that enhance the preflighting of PDF files processed through Connectors. Refer to the “PitStop Pro 13 What’s New” and PitStop Pro documentation for more information on each of these features.
Custom preflight messages.
Action List creation/editing.
Preflight Restrictions.
Enhanced “Add Bleed” Action List.

Bugs Fixed in 13 update 1
BZ 33317: Virtual Printers not launching on Yosemite.
BZ 27689: Ftp connecting with proxy problem.
BZ 33152: Folders are processed when file type restrictions are enabled for delivery.
BZ 31160: Job name with unicode characters fails during email delivery.
BZ 31337: Installer background is moved on Mavericks 10.9.2.
BZ 33436: Job Ticket fields not updating correctly when Connector is updated.
BZ 33176: Bad translation on create connector screen.
BZ 33628: Issues when the connector has to overwrite a file on the FTP server

Changes to System Requirements
MacOSX 10.11 (El Capitan) supported.
Windows 10.X supported.

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