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Solution TitleWhy is my Instant PDF plug-in in QuarkXPress not uninstalled?
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There are two ways to uninstall the Instant PDF plug-in in QuarkXPress. You can use the XTensions Manager in QuarkXPress to disable the plug-in or you can use the preferences of Instant PDF (Preferences / Applications – QuarkXPress).

Once you have disabled the Instant PDF XTension in QuarkXPress, it cannot be reinstalled or removed anymore.

Also note that manually removing the Instant PDF XTension manually from the (enabled) XTensions folder on the hard disk is not the way to uninstall: Instant PDF has a sort of ‘self-healing’ mechanism which will restore the missing components.


Two possible solutions:

  • Re-enable the XTension in QuarkXPress through the XTensions Manager, then go back to the Instant PDF preferences and uninstall the QuarkXPress plug-in.
  • Do a complete uninstall of Instant PDF using the Instant PDF installer.


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