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Solution TitleWhy do my files get quarantined?
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Some of my files disappear so they are not in my output folders. After checking the history, I could see that they were quarantined.


The reason why this happens is because we want to make sure that the other files still continue to process.

The special event icon will flash when a file gets quarantined.


1) A file can get quarantined if something went wrong during preflight/process so something stopped the process before it was ended successfully.  This is not the same as a preflight error or warning. 

2) A file can also get quarantined if another application is "touching" the file on the same moment that PitStop Server is "touching" it.

For example:

A) an anti-virus application or indexing software

B) if the input folder is an output folder from another application and that other application still has the PDF "in use", Adobe Acrobat Distiller is an example for this set up. Same thing for the output folder, if an application grabs files from that output folder.


1) Send us the quarantined folder, hot folder (.enf for version 08 and above) or screenshots of the hot folder settings (for version older than 08) and the original file so that we can investigate why the file got quarantined.

The quarantined folder can be found in the path mention in the history or you can also check the general preferences of PitStop Server.

2) Depending on what other application you suspect is conflicting, follow the instructions at A) or B)

A) Exclude following folders in your anti-virus or indexing software:

Windows 7:

- C:/Users/<Your User>/AppData/Roaming/Enfocus Prefs Folder
- C:/ProgramData/Enfocus Prefs Folder
- C:/Program Files/Enfocus


- HD/Documents & Settings/All users/Application data/Enfocus Prefs Folder
- HD/Documents & Settings/<Your user>/Application data/Enfocus Prefs Folder
- HD/Program Files/Enfocus


- HD:Library:Preferences:Enfocus Prefs Folder
- HD:Users:<own user>:Library:Preferences:Enfocus Prefs Folder
- HD:Applications:Enfocus

Also all of your folders set up in your hot folder configuration.

B) Just make sure the file gets completely copied in the output folder and/or the file is released by that other application.

You can also try to increase the value of the time interval preferences so that PitStop Server waits a little bit longer to start processing new files.  This option can be found in the general preferences of PitStop Server.

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