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Solution TitleWhy can't I send a folder to the Illustrator element?
Solution Number00000699
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The default functionality in 'Open automatically' doesn't support job folders for the Adobe Illustrator element. Whenever using 'Open automatically' and sending a job folder, the job is moved to the Problem Jobs folder.


Using the option 'Use script' in the 'Open' property of the Illustrator configurator and pointing it to an appropriate script will allow you to process job folders too.

Please follow these steps to set this up:

- Open FullSwitch or PowerSwitch
- Place an Illustrator element in your flow
- In the 'Open' property of this element, choose "Use Script"
- Click in the sub-property "'Script file' and use the "..." button to browse to the file "Illustr_Open_Folder.js"
- Fill out the 'Argument 1' field using the value "*ai" (see image)

Download a zip file containing a sample flow and the script.

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