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Solution TitleWhy are my processed documents from PitStop Server not retaining their PDF version number?
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When I use the fix PDF version number in the PDF Profile, the processed document does not get this PDF version number.


This problem is related to the check ‘Detect PDF version’ from the Category ‘Document Format’. I.e. the fix will only be applied if and only if the checking condition is true.

For example, when checking 'PDF version is more than 1.3' with 'Report as Error' and ‘Change PDF version to 1.3’, incoming documents with PDF version larger than 1.3 will be fixed to PDF1.3. Documents with PDF version number lower than 1.3 will be written out as PDF1.4.


Do not use the fix PDF version number. When only checking for the PDF version number, without using the fix PDF version number, PitStop Server will not change the PDF version number of the processed document.

For example, the PDF Profile checks for 'PDF version is more than 1.3' and reports this as Error:
Incoming documents with PDF version 1.2 and 1.3 will retain their version number, documents with PDF version number 1.4 or higher will fail.

In case you do need to change the PDF version, use an Action List to change the PDF version.
Below you will find an Action List that demonstrates this. This Action List will prevent the PDF version number changing to PDF1.4.

Please note that changing the PDF version number won't make sure that the PDF features used in the PDF will be adjusted to comply with the PDF version you choose, it will only change the PDF version number which is stored in the PDF. This means that when you change the PDF version number to 1.3 it will not flatten the transparency for example. (If you wish to flatten transparency, then this can be done in Acrobat via "Flattener Preview" and in PitStop Server in the "Transparency Flattening" section of the hotfolder preferences.)

Thus, the PDF Profile has to be modified to also check for objects that are not allowed in the PDF version you want to create.

Also please note that Acrobat doesn't always show the PDF version number which is stored in the PDF file. If the PDF contains functionality which is introduced in a PDF version higher then the PDF version stored in the document, then it will show the PDF version which introduced that functionality.

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