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Solution TitleWhat's new in Instant PDF 3.x?
Solution Number00000686
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The information in this article applies to the following products:
  • Instant PDF 3.0
  • Instant PDF 3.02
  • Instant PDF 3.5
  • Instant PDF 3.6
This release fixes or enhances functionality in several areas.

Instant PDF 3.0
New features
  • Instant PDF 3 provides more PDF creation methods than just a virtual printer.
  • Corrective Action Lists can be included in the PDF Queues.
  • The Certified PDF documents can be reviewed before delivery.
  • Enfocus PDF Queues are exchangeable and lockable.
  • Variables can be used in file name, delivery path and e-mail message.
  • E-mail options are extended.
  • A preference for automatic software update check has been added.
  • Color Management is by default enabled.
Solved issues
  • On Mac, special characters in hard disk name are allowed.
  • Virtual Printers of deleted PDF Queues will also be deleted.
  • Editing the PDF Queue description will not make the PDF Queue invalid.
  • Special characters are supported in the PDF Queue name.
Instant PDF 3.02
New features
  • It's the first version of Instant PDF 3 that is available in French, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • Next to QuarkXPress™ 6.1, QuarkXPress™ 6.5 is now also supported.
Solved issues
  • Instant PDF 3.0 sometimes froze right after the application was launched because of a problem with the software update check.
  • The system is no longer drastically slowed down when using Suitcase and Instant PDF at the same time.
  • The shortcut for Save as Certified PDF in QuarkXPress™ on Mac has changed from Command + Shift + C to Command + Option + C.
  • If a QuarkXPress™ document contains bleed and the PDF Queue defines the bleed should be kept, this is now handled correctly.
  • The file size of PDF files generated by Instant PDF, using InDesign Direct PDF Export, has been reduced.
Instant PDF 3.5
New features
  • Acrobat 7 and PDF 1.6 compatibility.
  • Instant PDF 3.5 supports Acrobat® 7, Acrobat® Distiller™ 7 and Adobe® Reader® 7. It enables you to check and fix PDF 1.6 specific features during preflight.
  • New PDF Profiles
  • This version of Instant PDF installs the new set of PDF Profiles (only if there was no prior installation of one of the Enfocus products). These PDF Profiles can be found here.
Solved issues
  • Additional output options for QuarkXPress and InDesign have been added. For important information about page boxes when using direct PDF export from QuarkXPress™, please read this. -Preferences for measurement units have been added.
  • PitStop Professional is no longer slowed down by the Instant PDF review in Acrobat.
  • The library has been updated to solve the preflight report error "Color management could not be accessed".
  • Several minor bug fixes.
Instant PDF 3.6
  • Next to Adobe® InDesign® CS 3.0, Adobe® InDesign® CS2 4.0 is now also supported. This implies that a "Save as Certified PDF" menu item will now be available in Adobe® InDesign® CS2.
  • Shortcuts have been added for the most frequently used menu items.
  • Updated generic PDF Queues (Adobe InDesign CS2 category enabled).
  • Updated PDF Profiles database (only upon fresh install, keeping existing PDF Profiles database in case of update) .
  • Several minor bug fixes.
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