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Solution TitleWhat's new in the PitStop Connect 09 versions
Solution Number00000668
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This document describes the most important fixes available PitStop Connect 09 and 09, update 1


PitStop Connect 09

This was the first release of PitStop Connect. The main features include:

  • PDF files can be preflighted directly on the system of the Designer.
  • Designer gets instant feedback on the preflight result
  • Fonts can be embedded directly on the Designers system, where they are certainly available
  • If the job is preflighted ok it can be sent to the printing company which immediately knows for sure it is ok.
  • Metadata can be attached for automatic processing in Enfocus Switch by the printing company.

PitStop Connect 09, update 1

  • Automatic upload of connectors onto FTP
  • Functionality to check for Connector update
  • Improved messaging:
    • Progress notification for creation of Connectors
    • Progress notification for preflighting and job delivery
    • Logging in Connectors
    • Error handling
  • Enhanced Sign-Off functionality: now you can Sign off per job and also you can fill in Sign Off reasons per error.
  • Possibility to cancel jobs
  • Handling of job folders: when you enable delivery of non PDF file in your project, it is possible to deliver job folders.
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