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Solution TitleWhat's new in Instant PDF 4.x?
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This release includes fixes for many of the previously reported problems. Below is not a complete summary of all bug fixes, but a list of the most important problems that were fixed in this release.

Instant PDF 4.0:
New Features
  • Quark 7 and Illustrator CS 2 now have a "Save as Certified PDF" option.
  • Full compatibility with Adobe® Acrobat® Professional, Reader and Distiller version 8.
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6 and Adobe® Acrobat® Professional 5 are no longer supported.
  • Instant PDF 4.x is native IntelMac or Universal binary application.
  • Color Management settings are on the same level as PitStop Professional 7.x (object and/or image specific), Color Management can be enabled/disabled in the PDF Queue itself.
  • The new PDF Profiles and Action Lists used in PitStop Professional 7.1 are accepted and applied.
  • The FTP tab allows to use the option "Passive Mode" for transfers.
  • When distributing an Instant PDF Queue you can set the minimum version of Instant PDF that is needed to be able to use the PDF Queue.
  • The latest GWG Packaging PDF Profiles can now be used and are by default added to the standard set of PDF Profiles.
Bug Fixes
  • Changes have been made to improve interface and processing speed.
Instant PDF 4.02 is a minor update for existing Instant 4.x users.
New Features
  • Windows Vista (32 bit) compatibility.
Bug fixes:
  • ICC Profiles in PDF/X: Minor version number of ICC Profiles is ignored in the PDF/X Checks as all ICC Profiles have backwards compatibility.
  • Fixed the Failure with Unknown Actions in the PDF/X PDF Profiles during preflighting.
  • Fixed bug where Quark recognized PS Export based PDF Queue as valid while Acrobat Distiller wasn't present.
Instant PDF 4.1 is a minor update for existing Instant 4.x users.
New features:
  • Adobe® CS3 compatibility
  • Compatibility with Mac OS® X v.10.5 (Leopard)
  • Compatibility with PitStop Professional 7.2 (PDF Profiles)
  • Improved e-mail Server Account Settings: It is now possible to supply a username and password when connecting to a mail server for sending e-mails
Bug fixes:
  • Sending email is possible through email servers which require a username and password, but these are optional fields.
  • Sending email to administrators allows entering multiple names.
  • Fixed bug where Acrobat 8 with StatusCheck plug-in on Mac crashed.
Instant PDF 4.11 is a minor update for existing Instant 4.x users.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug where Instant PDF refused to process files via the Acrobat Distiller.
  • Fixed bug where Output Intent didn't override the ICC Profile on images
  • The Adobe Indesign CS3 Derive from joboptions is included now.
Instant PDF 4.12 is a minor update for existing Instant 4.x users.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed bug on Leopard 10.5.2 where the Instant PDF Queues did not appear in the Mac OSX printers list.
  • Fixed bug where Instant PDF failed to work on systems (Macintosh & Windows) that were set to the English time zone (UK - BST).
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