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Solution TitleWhat is the difference between an Upgrade and an Update?
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What is an upgrade?
An upgrade contains major new functionality and features, it also contains an important selection of customer requested bug fixes. An upgrade can be recognized when the major product version number is increased. The version change from PitStop Pro 09 to PitStop Pro 10 for example, is an upgrade.
Upgrades are payable (free upgrades are included in a maintenance contract, in which case you'll receive a new product key from your reseller) and are available in the "Buy" section of each product's page. In order to activate your upgrade, you'll need to enter your new product key - either purchased, either received for free within your maintenance contract.

What is an update?
Updates add smaller new functionality, bugfixes, etc to your product. Updates are free within the same major version, for example, if you own a PitStop Pro 10, you are entitled to every update that is released for PitStop Pro 10 (being, PitStop Pro 10, update 1, update 2, etc). Updates will be available in the "Downloads" section of the web page, under the "Free Update" heading.
You will never be asked to enter your key to get a free update; if you are asked for your key, you are in the Upgrade section.
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