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Solution TitleHow can I easily set up metadata paths and other group variables in Switch?
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In Switch you can set up variables so that you can use that information to route, rename, .... files. This could be job, metadata, database and other variables.


There is a way in Switch to get your sample job into the variables panel and in that way it is easier to set up your variables and/or location path. It is also easier to define properties and test your flow step by step as you can use this concept in every part of the flow.

Below instructions will guide you in how to do this:

Set up a simple flow with two auto-managed folders and activate the flow.  Now put the connection on hold and drag and drop your file to testflow with in the input folder.

Wait until Switch ads a job prefix to the job, you can check this in the Jobs pane. Switch creates a job ticket for a job at the moment it ads a job prefix. The job can be used as a sample job from the moment this job ticket is created.

Now select the connection in between and go to the Include these files property and choose "define condition with variables".  You will see that your files are in a list in that same panel.

Choose Metadata > Text > Build location path on the right.

Now browse to the location of the wanted value and click ok, in the next panel, click on Insert variable and you will have your variable ready to use.

You will see your result (value calculated from the selected job in the list) in the field called Sample value on the bottom of that panel.

Save it by clicking OK and you can now continue setting up the conditions or other properties of your flow.

Extra information

You can use this same concept when picking up an xml and setting up the dataset location path as also when setting up regular expressions or database variables.  It is just a matter of putting the correct connection on hold.  It should be the connection that you want to configure or the connection before the element that you want to configure.




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