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Solution TitleHow to create or edit a variable set in Switch?
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Since our version 11 of PitStop you can SmartPreflight your PDF files where your manual input, an xml or a JDF can influence the preflight.  You do need to set up a Variable Set to use it in combination with your Smart Preflight Profile.


As this is a feature of our PitStop products, you will not find a menu item to open up your Variables Sets list in Switch, it is built into the properties of the PitStop Server element. 

To create a new Variable Set to use within Switch (if you want to use metadata or database paths), select your PitStop Server element on your Switch canvas, go to the Variable Set property and click on the arrow on the right.  Choose Select variable set.  Now you will get a list of all your variable sets, here you can do a right click when selecting the Local folder to get the contextual menu where you can select New.  If selecting an existing Variable Set you will have the Edit option in the contextual menu.  You can also find these options under the button on the right top of that panel.

Now you can create or edit your Variable Set so that it can be used within Switch. 

If you want to set a metadata or database path, you will have to set the type of the variable to Text with variables as then you will be able to build your location path.

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