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Solution TitleWill File Cleanup remove nested output folders?
Solution Number00000633
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Will the “File Cleanup” option “Also delete empty sub folders in the specified output folders” remove any nested output folders I have in my hot folder setup?


The “File Cleanup" option to delete empty sub folders may indeed remove nested output folders, causing the affected hot folders to become inoperable. This happens when the output folder of one hot folder is a sub-folder in the output folder of another hot folder. For example, Hot Folder A has an output path of “output\corrected” and Hot Folder B has an output folder of “output\”. In this case, the “corrected” folder can be deleted as it is considered a sub-folder to Hot Folder B's output folder “output\”. When running a setup that uses nested sub folders on the output side of the workflow, it is best to uncheck the “delete empty sub folders” option so that no output folders are inadvertently removed.

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