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Solution TitleWhy can't I register my product key?
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When registering my software on the Enfocus website, I get a message that states “It is not possible to register products which require activation”.  What does this mean?


The web page Enfocus Registration can be used to save the Product Key and associated company information. This is not necessary for newer versions of Enfocus software, as this information is recorded during the activation process. It is not possible to enter a Product Key that uses the activation process on the registration page. The following Enfocus software versions use the activation process, and thus cannot be registered:
  • PitStop Pro version 9 and newer
  • PitStop Server version 9 and newer
  • PitStop Connect version 9 and newer
  • Switch versions 9 and newer
  • PitStop Extreme 8

It is also possible to tell by the Product Key; if the key has 5 characters per segment then the key can be registered; if it has 6 characters per segment then it cannot.

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