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Solution TitleWhere can I define my page boxes manually?
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Where can I define my page boxes manually?


I used the Global Changes in an older version of PitStop Pro where I could define my page boxes manually and use the anchor point.

Since version 09, this functionality has been moved to the Inspector under the Position tab > Edit Page Boxes.

Here you can set your page boxes manually and to apply this to a specific page range, go to the fly-out button and choose Create Design Layout using Current Page Boxes.  Name this Design Layout and save it.

Now go to the Global changes > Page category and double-click on the Apply Page boxes, in the next panel, select your Design Layout that you have just created and save this Global Change.  Now you can see that the last part of that panel has a "Run on" part where you can specify on which pages you want to apply.  Set up your page range and you are ready to run this Global Change on those pages.

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