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Solution TitleThe Sign-Off doesn't work, even when enabled in the Connector Settings.
Solution Number00000626
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I enabled the option to allow the user to Sign-Off on a file, but the user never has the possibility to do this.

Sign-Off needs to be enabled in two places before the user will have the possibility to use it in PitStop Connect:
  • In the Preflight Category of the Connector settings: This is a global setting to enable Sign-Off.
  • In the Preflight Profile itself: Here you need to enable Sign-Off separately for each Preflight Check in the Preflight Profile.

Please follow the next steps to enable Sign-Off in the Preflight Profile.
  • Open the program where you edit Preflight Profiles (PitStop Pro or PitStop Server for example)
  • Open the Preflight Profile
  • Choose "Sign-of" in the "Report as" column for every Preflight Check where you want to enable Sign-Off

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