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Solution TitleI only get data as output when I choose 'data with log' as output connection.
Solution Number00000615
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I made an outgoing connection and set it up to carry 'data with log', but only the data file is placed in this folder, the log file is missing.

An outgoing connection where the type of file is set to 'data with log' outputs the job file and attaches the log as metadata.

This means that the log is not saved to a file in the output folder, but stored internally in Switch. The attached report can for example be used via the metadata functions of Switch if the report is in the XML format.


Please follow the next steps if you would like your data file and your log file to be delivered as files together:

  • Create one outgoing connection that carries the data file.
  • Create one outgoing connection that carries the log file.
  • Make a connection from these two folders to a third folder.
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