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Solution TitleI can't type certain characters in a text line. How can I fix this?
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I can't type certain characters in a text line. How can I fix this?


There are two ways how a font can be included in a PDF: Embedded Subset and Embedded. This is the difference between subset and fully embedded:

  • Subsetted font: only the font characters that are currently used in this document are placed in the PDF. This method doesn't allow you to type any character that isn't present in the PDF yet.
  • Fully embedded font: information on all font characters is saved in the PDF, even for those characters that are not used in the PDF

The embedding method can be verified in the Text Category of the Enfocus Inspector.


If you'd like to edit text already present in a PDF - and have access to all characters needed without being restricted to the character already being used in the file - you'll need to embed the font in the PDF. This can be done using the following steps:

  • Open the Processing Panel (Menu Window/Processing Panel)
  • Select the Global Change Category (Click the world globe button)
  • Open the "Embed Font" Global Change
  • Choose if you want to embed a specific font, a group of fonts, or all fonts
  • Click Save and run

Note: This will of course only work if you have the required fonts installed on your system.

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