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Solution TitleHow to upgrade my PitStop Server version?
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How to upgrade my PitStop Server version?


I have bought an upgrade for PitStop Server and now I am just wondering how to upgrade my existing PitStop Server version.


The Enfocus Quality Assurance Team tests upgrade scenario's for each new release of PitStop Server and makes sure these scenarios work without issues. These tests include upgrade scenarios from the previous major version to the current major version and from the major version before the previous major version. 

This means that for PitStop Server 12 (and all updates of PitStop Server 12) you can safely upgrade from:

  • PitStop Server 11 and all updates of PitStop Server 11
  • PitStop Server 10 and all updates of PitStop Server 10

After the upgrade installation you can activate your license for the latest version and the software should be ready to use.

If you wish to upgrade a version of PitStop Server to a higher version and the difference between the new and the older version is greater than 2, then we advise to install an intermediate version first. This way you can make sure that the version difference between 2 installed updates in a row is never greater than 2. You can find installers of older versions of PitStop Server on this page.

Please contact Enfocus Support if running into any problem during these instructions.


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