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Solution TitleHow do I use the "Grab Selection" button when using the "Add copied graphics" action?
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How do I use the “Grab Selection” button when using the “Add copied graphics” action?


Follow the steps below to add your selection to the Action List:
  • Open the file that contains the graphics you want to include in the Action List.
  • Click on the Purple PitStop Pro selection tool then select the graphics that are to be included.
  • Open the Action List and navigate to the "Add Copied Graphics" element, on the "Attributes" pane.
  • The "Grab Selection" button should now show as active (with black text, not grayed out). Click this button to add your selection to the item.
  • Switch to the "Preview" pane to see a preview of your selection.
  • If the preview is correct, click OK to save the selection.
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