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Solution TitleHow do I combine two Action Lists into one?
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I have two Action Lists that I would like to combine into one. Can that be done?


Let's assume we have one Action List called "Action List A" and a second one called "Action List B". We're going to combine these two into a new Action List called "Action List C".

The technique shown below can easily be extended to more than two Action Lists...


PitStop Professional 6.53 and previous

Perform the following steps in order to combine the Action Lists.
  • Make sure that both Action Lists are available in PitStop Professional. If necessary import them into the Action List Control Panel.
  • Open an arbitrary PDF document, any document will do. Run "Action List A" on the document. Then run "Action List B" on the document.
  • On the managing tab of the Action List Control Panel click the "New" button. An empty Action List Editor window appears.
  • Click the "Grab Undo" button. The contents of "Action List B" appears. You get the contents of Action List B because that was the last Action List executed on the document.
  • Click the "Grab Undo" button once more. The contents of "Action List A" now appear before the actions that were already in the list. Remark that the actions in the editor appear in the window in correct order; first those from Action List A, then from Action List B.

At this point we have one Action List that contains all actions we need from both Action Lists. All that rests is to click OK to save the Action List.

PitStop Professional 7.0 till 09 

PitStop Professional has two new features that can be used to combine two Action Lists. The first is the Quickrun functionality, the second is the record on the Action List itself.

  • Open a new Action List.
  • Press the record button.
  • Apply the Action List A and then Action List B.
  • Press the stop button
  • Rename the Action List if this has not been done before starting to record.
  • Both Action Lists are now combined into one.

PitStop Pro 10 and up

Starting from version 10, PitStop Pro has a new feature to import an Action List into another Action List, in that way you can combine the Action Lists. You can also still record the Action List itself as mentioned above.
  • Open the Action List A
  • After the last action, right click in the action list
  • Choose Action List B
  • OK
  • Both Action Lists are now combined
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