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Solution TitleThere are no ICC Profiles attached to objects in my PDF, but the RIP is applying CM.
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I've checked the PDF using a PDF Profile that will remove all ICC tagging from the file. When I rip my file, there still seems to be color management applied. When checking objects manually with the Inspector tool, I can see that there are no ICC Profiles attached.

There are default colorspaces defined in this PDF.
The first, and most used, level of ICC is at object level: the object (text, line-art, image) is tagged with an ICC Profile.

But there is also a second level of ICC that is used in PDF files. This level is at page level, the name used for this kind of ICC definition is 'Default colorspaces'. So in PDF, ICC Profiles can be defined at object level, but also at a higher level, such as page level.

For example: a PDF file contains RGB objects and has a Default Colorspace defined for RGB. This means that - on page level - an RGB ICC Profile is defined that will be applied by the RIP on all RGB objects on that page. When selecting an object using the PitStop Select Object tool, the inspector will not show this ICC Profile, as it is not attached to a particular object.

You can check if your file contains default color spaces using the Action List below.
The second Action List can be used to remove the default colorspaces from the file.

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