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Solution TitleSwitch is feeling sluggish while it isn't performing much tasks. How can I fix this?
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Switch will become more responsive if you cleanup the log database. This can be done in the following ways:

1) Clear Log Messages in the Switch Designer
  • Open the Messages View in the Switch Designer
  • Right click on one of the messages
  • Choose 'Clear log messages'

2) Delete the log database
  • Shut down Switch
  • Verify in Activity Monitor/Task manager that all Switch processes are closed down.
  • Delete the following file:
    • Win XP, Win 2003 ServerC:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Enfocus\PowerSwitchServer\logs\ServerLogs.db3
    • Win 7 C:\users\your user\AppData\Roaming\Enfocus\Switch Server\Logs >ServerLogs.dbs
    • Win Vista and laterC:\ProgramData\Enfocus\PowerSwitch Server\logs\ServerLogs.db3
    • Mac /Library/Application Support/Enfocus/PowerSwitch Server/logs/ServerLogs.db3
  • Start Switch again

Note 1: Switch cleans up these messages automatically, you can adjust the timeframe when this happens in the Application Data category of the Switch messages by adjusting the following settings:
  • Keep log messages for (hours)
  • Run cleanup starting at (hh:mm)
  • Run cleanup every (hours)

Note 2: Switch will create a lot of messages if debug logging is enabled. This may cause Switch to become sluggish relatively fast. We advise only to enable debug messaging when this is requested by Technical Support or if you are testing a script. This setting can be disabled by setting "Log debug messages" in the Logging Category of the Switch Preferences to "No".

Note 3: Starting from Switch 12 the amount of reported messages is minimized which resolves most of the sluggishness.
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