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Solution TitleSwitch detects a new file in my Submit Hierarchy, but it takes a long time before it processes the file. How comes?
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The following steps are done by the 'Submit Hierarchy' configurator:
  1. Check the folder structure depending on the settings of the tool. Switch has to make a seperate request to the network location for each folder in the structure. This can take some time depending on the size of the folder structure and the speed of the network. Switch will restart this procedure after an amount of time defined in the 'Scan every (seconds)' setting.   
  2. Check if the filesize is stable for a certain amount of time. This is necessary to ensure that the file is completely before it is picked up by Switch. Each filesize check is another request that has to be sent over the network. The amount of time Switch watches the file size is defined in the 'Process file only after (seconds)' setting in the Processing Category of the Switch Preferences.
  3. Add a unique prefix to the file, creating a brand new job ticket for that particular job.
  4. Move the file from the network volume to the server where Switch is running. The time it takes to do this depends on the file size and the network speed.
Switch will display a notification on the Submit Hierarchy icon when a new job is found in step 1. This means that there are still 3 steps left until the job is available in the flow. Please note that while Switch is continuing with the other steps, it is still checking the remaining part of the folder structure.

The following can be adjusted to optimize the time it takes from the moment a file is placed on the network volume until it is processed in Switch:

1. The 'Scan every (seconds)' setting.    

This setting changes the time interval between the checks on the network volume. Lowering this setting makes that Switch will check the network volume more frequently. Please note that setting this setting to low can result in the following problems:   
  • Some folders can be ignored if Switch restarts the scanning procedure before all folders are scanned. In this case it takes more time until a file is picked up.
  • High network load: Switch sends a lot of requests to the network when it is continuously checking a folder structure. This can cause a high network load.
The general rule is to increase this setting when you have a large folder structure. The best setting is highly dependent on the size of your folder structure and your network speed.This setting can be found in the Configurator itself. When 'Default' is chosen, the 'Scan input folders every (seconds)' setting in the processing category is used.

2. The 'Process file only after (seconds)' setting
The filesize of a job has to be stable for this amount of time before Switch will start processing the file. Lowering this setting makes that the file will be processed faster. This also makes the risk larger that Switch starts to process a file that is not completely written on the network volume yet. This can cause problems in Switch and corrupt files.
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