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Solution TitleMy PitStop Server and Switch licenses keep getting corrupt on OSX, how to solve this?
Solution Number00000587
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The cause turns out to be one of the Macintosh OS maintenance scripts deleting temporary files that have not been modified or touched for three days, these unfortunately included the licenses file.
This has been fixed in the new versions of PitStop Server or PitStop Pro 11, and in Switch 11 update 1 so if you plan to upgrade to these versions installing either of them will resolve the issue.

If you do not plan to upgrade in the near future then the solution is to ensure these temp files are being updated regularly, so the Macintosh OSX won't see them as 'left unchanged' for 3 days. This can be achieved by running a small application that will update the temp files every 10 hours.

We've created such an application, which can be downloaded here. Download the zip file, unzip it and move the file 'TouchFLEXtmpFiles' to your Applications/Enfocus folder.
  • Next ensure this application is launched and keeps running.
  • If you want to ensure this is done automatically after each system reboot, you can add this application to your Login items in the OSX System Preferences. Note you might need to unlock the System Preferences panel to ensure the new settings are preserved after rebooting your Mac.
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