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Solution TitlePitStop Server throws an error saying it can't save the hot folder.
Solution Number00000580
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Since PitStop Server version 08, there is a WatchDog component that will start up, watch all the other components of PitStop Server and communicate with the PitStop Server Monitor.

If that WatchDog component doesn't get started then there won't be any communication between the WatchDog and the PitStop Server Monitor.

When launching PitStop Server, you'll get a question to allow starting the WatchDog too. As the WatchDog is required to process jobs, it is recommended to answer that question using the "Yes" button.

If you've pressed the "Yes" button, but still receive one of the mentioned error messages, please verify in your Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (Mac) if the PitStop Server components are running - especially the Enfocus PitStop Server WatchDog process should be running.

If they are running and you still get this error message then please make a screenshot of the Task Manager / Activity Monitor showing all of the Enfocus PitStop Server processes currently running and include it when contacting Enfocus Support.
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