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Solution TitlePasting an object moves the object from its original location.
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When I copy an object using PitStop and then paste it again, an offset to the original position is applied.
Each time I paste the object, it is moved slightly to the left and to the right.

PitStop does this by design to make it easier for you to see the pasted object and be able to continue working with it. However, in some circumstances this is annoying.
PitStop Professional 7.0 and higher is the only version that has a Preference tab for these values.

PitStop Professional 7.0 and higher:
This is a preference. Go to the Enfocus PitStop Pro Preferences. In the Edit category there is a section called "Paste Copied Object". These values will determine the shift.

For previous versions you will have to manually edit the PitStop Preference file. This is suggested only for advanced users - make sure you backup your original preference file before proceeding.
Before proceeding make sure Adobe Acrobat is not running. If it is, quit the application.

PitStop Professional 6.0 and higher:
Find and open the file 'PitStop.uprefs' that you can find in your users Enfocus Prefs Folder.
  • Windows, that path is: C:/Documents and Settings/YourUser/Application Data/Enfocus Prefs Folder
  • OS/X, the path is: HD:Users:YourUser:Library:Preferences:Enfocus Prefs Folder
Search for the part in the file that starts with "PitStop" #BEGINDICT. In that part, check the numbers next to the Preference IDs 17 and 18. If they are not 0, change them to 0, save the file and start Acrobat again to see if pasting is done without shifting now.

PitStop Professional 4.5, 4.6x and 5.0x:
  • Find and open the PitStop Preference file with a simple text editor such as Notepad on Windows and BBEdit on Macintosh.
  • In PitStop Professional 4.5, 4.6, this file is called "PitStop 4 Preferences.ini" and is stored in the Enfocus Preference folder. Read this article to find the Enfocus Preference folder.
  • Once you have the preference file open, you'll see that it is organized in two columns, the first column containing a number that identifies the preference (Preference ID) and the second column containing various types of data (Preference Data).
  • Find the lines that begin with the Preference ID of "200850" and "200851". The current value for these items will most likely be "5".
  • Change the value for both lines to "0" (the digit zero, not the letter O). When you have made the change, save the preference file and close it.
  • Now start Adobe Acrobat and test in PitStop to see whether the problem is fixed.
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