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Solution TitleMy license info shows "Partially Deactivated License"
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My license shows that it is not allowed to run and is partially deactivated.  What does this mean?  What do I need to do to correct it?

Typically this happens when performing an offline deactivation. Step 1 of the offline process (creating a 'request' file) has been completed, but steps 2 and 3 have not. At this point the license has been deactivated on the local system, but not on the activation server, so the license is unable to run on the original system nor is it able to be activated on a different system until the offline deactivation process is completed.

There are 3 basic steps to the offline deactivation:
  • Generating the request file.
  • Submitting the request file to the Enfocus website and saving a response file.
  • Uploading the response file to the computer.

There are 2 steps within the Activation Assistant for offline deactivation:
  • Step 1 generates the requestdeactivate.xml file, which is then uploaded to the Enfocus website here: Enfocus Offline Product (De)activation.
  • Step 2 uploads the response.xml file generated at the Enfocus website to the local system, completing the deactivation.
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