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Solution TitleOne of my TrueType fonts is not embedded?
Solution Number00000572
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Using PitStop Pro, Server or Enfocus Connect, I try to embed one or more fonts in a PDF document. This could be by:

  • Using the Font Picker from the Inspector Panel
  • Running a preflight using a PDF Profile that embeds the font
  • Running an Action List to embed the font
While this works for most fonts, it does not work for one or more TrueType fonts installed on my system; even though the fonts are correctly installed and are active.

The reason for this is almost certainly font copyright restrictions. All TrueType fonts contain information that tells the software using them what it is allowed to do with that particular font. And some fonts forbid the software from embedding it in a file.
When any of our products determines this is the case for a particular font, it will not embed the font into your PDF document.
You can read much more background about font copyright issues and how to determine that this really is the problem you are experiencing by reading this article .

The only solution you have is to use a different font, or to buy a version of the TrueType font from your font vendor that does not contain these licensing restrictions.
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