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Solution TitleOn OSX I print to my Instant PDF Queue from QuarkXpress 6.x and there's no PDF file generated.
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I print to my Instant PDF Queue from QuarkXpress 6.x. Instant PDF informs me the file is being distilled, then preflighted but fails in the end to be delivered. No PDF file is produced.

1. Networking problems may prevent you from generating PDF files in case your native file and/or its images it contains are located on a remote (server) disk.
2. Your Quark print settings are set incorrectly

1. Copy everything to your local disk and recreate your native file in such a way that there's no server link anymore.
2. When having the QuarkXpress print menu open click the "Page Setup" button at the bottom left and specify there with "Format For" your Instant PDF Queue. Then click the "Printer" button located right next to the "Page Setup" button and specify there also your Instant PDF Queue. Click now "Print" to continue which will display a new window asking you to save your PDF file to a certain location. Just click the "Save" button to continue without specifying anything because all that is set there will be completely ignored by Instant PDF. Finally press "Print" to start printing to your Instant PDF Queue.
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