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Solution TitleMy PitStop Pro color libraries show in Japanese, even though I have not selected Japanese to be used
Solution Number00000570
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The names of the Pantone colors shown in the Color Picker are not readable for me, the characters look Japanese or Chinese.

The names of the Pantone colors have an encoding problem on PitStop Pro 10. The interface thinks the names as Japanese characters because of this problem. This problem is fixed in PitStop Pro 11.

It is possible to work around the problem by installing a custom color library in PitStop Pro with the Pantone colors. Please follow the next steps to do this:

  • Click on the following link to download the Pantone color library as custom Library: Pantone Libraries
  • Uncompress the zip file
  • Open Acrobat
  • Open the Enfocus Inspector
  • Select a colored object using the Enfocus Select Tool (purple arrow)
  • Make sure the active category in the Inspector is “Fill and Stroke – Fill”
  • Open the drop-down menu on the top right side of the Inspector
  • Choose ‘Color Picker’
  • Right click on the Local category and choose Import Group
  • Browse to the location where you uncompressed the Pantone color libraries
  • Click OK
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