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Solution TitleMy Preflight Report no longer shows up, how can I fix this?
Solution Number00000568
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Suddenly, my preflight report no longer shows up.

There are a number of possible causes, listed below. Please read them one by one and answer the questions (you might copy and paste the content below in an email) when contacting Enfocus Support

  1. Cause 1: PitStopFontInfo.dat got corrupted
    Please search your system for a file named "PitStopFontInfo.dat", it can be found in this folder:
    - HD:Users:<own user>:Library:Preferences:Enfocus Prefs Folder (Mac)
    - C:/Documents & Settings/<Your user>/Application data/Enfocus Prefs Folder (Windows)
    If you find the file, simply delete it.  If you cannot find it then go to the next step.

  2. There is not enough free space on your disk. Verify your disk isn't full or nearly full.

  3. Check if you experience this problem with any report template by choosing another report template and test if you have the same behavior.

  4. Helvetica is the font being used to create the Preflight Report with. Verify if you have a corrupt version of the Helvetica font on your system?
    There are some applications available to check this, for example FontDoctor

  5. If only showing a couple of pages, please check your PDF Profile on the processing category and see if all the pages are enabled to be shown in the Preflight Report.

  6. If you receive the following error when opening an older (existing) report:
    "Error: Invalid font: PostScript program did not contain a font.", please mention so when contacting us

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