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Solution TitleMy file disappears and I cannot find it into my output folders
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My file disappears and I cannot find it into my output folders.

PitStop Server 4 and higher support a quarantine folder. Jobs causing problems during preflight are moved to this quarantine folder, to make sure that other jobs in line are not blocked by one faulty PDF.

Please contact Enfocus Support and provide the following so we can do the research on why that file could not be processed:

1) Your PitStop Server hot folder.
You can export this hot folder using the Hot folder menu > Export.

2) The Quarantined folder, you can find this one in the following folder:
Windows - > C:\ProgramData\Enfocus Prefs Folder\PitStop Server\Quarantined
Mac - > /Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/PitStop Server/Quarantined/

This is the default place so if the folder cannot be found there then please check your preferences under the Folders category.

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