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Solution TitleMy document contains watermarks but they are not recognized by the check on watermark annotations.
Solution Number00000563
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My PDF 1.6 document contains a watermark. When preflighting the document with a PDF Profile that checks on watermarks, I do not get an error on watermarks.

The check on watermark annotations is new in PitStop Professional 6.5.
Watermarks can be added to the PDF document in Acrobat 7 by using the Add Watermark & Background option in the Document menu. Only when certain settings are applied, we are actually dealing with a watermark annotation.

If these conditions are not met, the watermarks will appear as selectable objects in the PDF, not as annotations. Consequently they will not be picked up by the annotations check.

When using the Watermark & Background option in the Document menu, make sure these settings are applied:
1. Type
Select "Add a Watermark (appears on top of page)"
2. Position and Appearance
Make sure that the check box to "Prevent resizing/repositioning when printing" is ticked.
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