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Solution TitleIt looks like I have a trial version, how can I get the full version?
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I can't find specific tools or buttons.

The only difference between a trial version and a full/registered version is that the trial version will only work for x days (see list below) and a registered/full version doesn't have any time restriction. So actually the only thing to turn your trial version into a permanent version is to license it using your product key.

The trial is a full functional version so please send a screenshot and a detailed description when contacting Enfocus Support if you encounter problems.

Trial periods per product:

Instant Barcode -> 30 days
Instant PDF -> 30 days
PitStop Pro -> 30 days
PitStop Extreme -> 30 days
PitStop Server -> 30 days
Enfocus LightSwitch -> 15 days
Enfocus FullSwitch -> 15 days
Enfocus PowerSwitch -> 15 days

Also important is that you have only 1 trial per major version so for example if you have downloaded the trial of PitStop Pro 09 and that one is expired, a download of the 09, update 1 will not give you another 30 days, it will stay expired.

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