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Solution TitleI started Adobe Acrobat and PitStop Professional wasn't loaded?
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I start Adobe Acrobat and there are no PitStop Pro tools so it looks like PitStop Pro was not loaded.

There are two possible causes for this:
1) You pressed "shift" while Adobe Acrobat was loading. In this case Adobe Acrobat loads with a very minimal plug-in set and third-party plug-ins such as PitStop Pro are not loaded.
2) The "Certified Plug-ins Only" check box in the Acrobat Preference Panel shown below controls this behavior. If the check box is checked only Adobe Certified plug-ins are loaded and third party plug-ins such as PitStop Pro will not be loaded.


Here are the solutions for each cause:

1) Don't press shift while Adobe Acrobat is loading

2) Uncheck the "Certified Plug-ins Only" check box in the Preference panel of Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. You can find this option in the Acrobat Preferences under either the Options, Start-up or General category, depending on your Acrobat version.


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