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Solution TitleInspector does not display image attributes.
Solution Number00000551
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When I select an image with the PitStop selection tool, the Inspector does not show any image attributes. At the top of the Inspector it says "1 Form selected" in stead of "1 image selected" When I preflight this document, this image seems not to be checked.

1. This behavior is usually caused by a combination of two problems. First of all, this image uses OPI. OPI stands for "Open Prepress Interface" and is a convention used to work with hi-resolution image data without overloading the workflow.
A low res image replaces the high res image in the PDF and the high res image that will actually be used for press is located in an OPI server. OPI comments are saved as what is called "form" objects in PDF documents.
Second, a problem with the editing engine in Adobe Acrobat disables the ability of our products to work with these types of objects. The effect is that we cannot select the images inside these form objects – we are limited to reporting the fact that this is a form object.

2. It is also possible that an image is located inside a "form" without using OPI.

1. If you use OPI in your workflow, this will probably not be a problem for you as the attributes of the low resolution image in the PDF are not relevant. If you do not use OPI in your workflow, the simplest solution is to make sure your PDF documents do not contain OPI comments – in this case these comments are useless to you.
If you generate your own PDF documents, turn off the "Preserve OPI comments" on the "Advanced" tab in the job options editor in Acrobat Distiller. This will make sure OPI comments are removed when creating the PDF document.
If you receive PDF documents with OPI comments, you can remove these in Enfocus PitStop Professional or in Enfocus PitStop Server with the "Remove OPI" action list which is installed by default.

2. Starting from version 7 PitStop Professional is able to edit objects inside a form.
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