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Solution TitleI can't find PitStop Pro after upgrading/updating Acrobat.
Solution Number00000534
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I just upgraded/updated my Acrobat version and my PitStop Pro is gone.

PitStop Pro is a plug-in for Acrobat Professional.

Our plug-in gets installed inside the Acrobat Professional folder, this implies that whenever the Acrobat installation is removed, the plug-in will be removed too. Upgrading Acrobat typically is done by removing the older version and installing the newer, in this case, PitStop Pro will be removed automatically by the Acrobat uninstall option.

The solution to get your PitStop Pro back, is to install a copy of PitStop Pro in the new version of Acrobat.

After updating or upgrading your Acrobat Professional version, please check following solution to see if your Acrobat Professional version is still compatible with your current PitStop Pro version: Compatibility between Acrobat and PitStop Professional?
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