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Solution TitleI cannot use certain Color Profiles to tag images in PitStop.
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I have a PDF document that contains an image. I select the image with PitStop and bring up the PitStop Inspector. The Inspector shows me a list of color profiles with which I can tag this image.
When I select most profiles in this list, things work beautifully. However, some profiles in this list refuse to be selected. If I highlight them and try to select them, the list returns to its previous state.
Why can I not use these profiles?

This is caused by a problem in PitStop Professional. Most color profiles on a Macintosh are stored in a single folder called "ColorSync Profiles" in your System Folder. All profiles that are stored in this folder will work correctly with PitStop Professional.
However, ColorSync also allows to put aliases to Color Profiles in this folder, or even to put aliases to other folders containing Color Profiles in this folder. This will however not work correctly with PitStop Professional.

The only solution is to make sure that the profiles you want to use are in the ColorSync Profiles folder and do not use an alias. Find the original file to which the alias points and move it into the ColorSync Profiles folder. It will now be handled correctly by PitStop Professional.

You can find the ColorSync Profiles folder here: /Library/ColorSync/Profiles/
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