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Solution TitleI cannot copy a shading object (blend).
Solution Number00000529
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I have a PDF document that contains a shading object (also called a blend, gradient, smooth shading). When I select this object with the regular PitStop Selection tool, the PitStop Inspector identifies this object as a "Shading".
I tried to copy this object and paste it (onto another page or into another document) but nothing happened.

PitStop Professional expects that every shading object has an associated clipping mask. If you select only the shading and copy and paste it, you create a new shading object that does not have an associated clipping mask. Such an object is handled incorrectly by PitStop Professional.

Locate the clipping mask associated with your shading object. You can do this most easily in Wireframe mode; the clipping mask is then rendered in the mask color, which by default is purple.
To be able to copy and paste the shading correctly, make sure that you select both the shading and its associated clipping mask, and then do the copy. When you now paste it, things should work without further problems.
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