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Solution TitleHyperlinks from Preflight Report are not working.
Solution Number00000525
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Why do the hyperlinks in my Preflight Report not work? Why do I get a message that I have an unsupported preflight document?


The hyperlinks in the Preflight Report generated by Instant PDF 3.6x (or older), PitStop Server 3.51 (or older), PitStop Automate 1.x (or older) or PitStop Professional 6.x (or older) are not working when you have a PitStop Professional 7 (or younger) installed. The hyperlinks from a Preflight Report generated by a PitStop Professional 7 (or younger) will work in an older PitStop Professional version but no automatic selection of the related objects will be displayed.


A re-preflight of the document in PitStop Professional 7 is really necessary to make hyperlinks work again. Another possible workaround is to review these reports in PitStop Professional 6.x.

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