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Solution TitleHow to move Instant PDF from one system to another?
Solution Number00000519
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As a Instant PDF license allows you to register the product on one computer, you should avoid registering the product on a second computer or registration problems will occur.


1. Install a trial version of Instant PDF on the new computer

Download the installer for Instant PDF from the Enfocus website by downloading the trial version.
If you have an older version than the one shown on the website, then please go to the following article to get that installer:

Where can I download the installers for older versions of Enfocus Products.

2. Remove Instant PDF from the old computer

Use instructions from following article: How to uninstall Instant PDF?

If you want to keep the preferences and move them to the next computer, then please choose "No" when you are asked the question if you want to remove all preferences during the uninstall. See Point 3 on which folders to copy and move.

3. Remove preferences files on the old computer

- C:/ Documents & Settings/All users/Application data/Enfocus prefs folder/ (if available)
- C:/ Documents & Settings/<own user/Application data/Enfocus prefs folder

- HD: Library: Preferences: Enfocus Prefs Folder (if available)
- HD: Users: <Your user>: Library: Preferences: Enfocus Prefs Folder:

You can also copy these folders to your new computer if you would like to keep your preferences, PDF Queues and more. Contact Enfocus Support if you have additional questions about this and mention this solution article.

4. Register Instant PDF on the new computer

Register the software on the new computer using your Instant PDF registration or activation key.

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