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Solution TitleHow to handle upgrade keys during activation?
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If you have received an upgrade key, that means that you used an older key to buy the latest version for an upgrade price.

It is required to have that old key activated on the same system where you will use your new version/key.

For example, you have bought version 11 for an upgrade price by using your 09 key. Now, your 09 key needs to also be activated on the system where you will install and activate version 11.

Activate your upgrade key on the same computer where the older key you upgraded from was activated.

Alternatively, deactivate the older key from the computer and activate both the old key and the upgrade key on your new machine.

Problems that may occur during the activation

1.  You are receiving a message that an upgrade key is not available. This means that your old key is not activated on that system and you will need to activate it first. You can use the free Local License Manager tool to activate your old key on that system.

2.  When activating your old key, you are receiving a message that there are no more licenses available. This means that your old key is still activated on a different system and you will need to deactivate it.
In order to do so, go to the machine that has the old key activated and deactivate it. The easiest way to do this, is using the Enfocus product itself, or - if the Enfocus software is no longer installed - using the Local License Manager.

If you cannot access that system, then please send your key, name of the system (host name), and screenshots of the Local License Manager list to Enfocus Support.

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