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Solution TitleHow to add a company logo to the Preflight Report?
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I want to customize my Preflight Report by adding a company logo.

Since PitStop Professional 7 it is possible to customize Preflight Reports. One of the things you can do is adding a company logo.  The instructions here are for version 10 and higher.  If you need instructions for earlier versions, please contact Enfocus Support

You need to access 2 files, "PitStopReportDefault.pdf" and "PitStopReportDefault.prefs".
The "PitStopReportDefault.pdf" is your Preflight Report template. Its layout configuration is handled by the file "PitStopReportDefault.prefs".

Mac OS X:

/Applications/Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Acrobat Pro.acroplugin/Contents/Resources/PitStop Pro Resources/Report Templates/PitStop/Default/PitStopReportDefault.pdf

When you get to Adobe Acrobat, you will need to right click and "Show Package Contents"  You will also need to right click on  "PitStop Pro.acroplugin" and "Show package Contents"

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Enfocus\PitStop Pro Resources\Report Templates\PitStop\Default

Create a new folder called custom report and place a copy of each of these files in the folder.
Move the folder with the files to here:Mac: /Library/Preferences/Enfocus Prefs Folder/Report Templates/Custom

Windows: C:\ProgramData\Enfocus Prefs Folder\Report Templates\Custom

Open the file PitStopReportDefault.pdf in Acrobat, change its name to a new one of your choice and add your company logo to a location of your choice (you can use the PitStop Professional tool "Place PDF" for this).
Save your file.


"ReportLayoutNameplPL" "Normal"
"ReportLayoutNamezhCN" "常规"
"WebHelpURLTemplate" ""
"ReportLayoutVersion" "1"
"ReportLayoutNamenlNL" "Normale vorm"
"ReportLayoutNamedeDE" "Normal"
"IncludeWebHelpLinks" "true"
"ReportLayoutNameesES" "Normal"
"ReportLayoutNamefrFR" "Normal"
"ReportLayoutNameitIT" "Regolare"
"ReportLayoutName" "custom.pdf"-----put the name of your new template here (for other languages, ES, FR, for example, change "Normal" to the new template name too
"ReportLayoutNamejaJA" "標準"
"ReportLayoutNameptBR" "Regular"

"WarningSmallIconPage" "5"
"ErrorBigIconPage" "10"
"IconTemplatesPath" "custom.pdf" -----put the name of your new template here
"SignOffBigIconPage" "9"
"FixSmallIconPage" "4"
"FailureSmallIconPage" "7"
"ObjectLinkIconPage" "2"
"FontTemplatesPage" "12"
"PageTemplatePath" "custom.pdf"-----put the name of your new template here
"SignOffSmallIconPage" "5"
"WarningBigIconPage" "9"
"FailureBigIconPage" "11"
"WebHelpLinkIconPage" "3"
"FixBigIconPage" "8"
"PageTemplatePage" "1"
"FontTemplatesPath" "custom.pdf"-----put the name of your new template here
"ErrorSmallIconPage" "6"

In the dropdown menu of the section "Report" you should be able now to select the new report name you have created.

Run a preflight. You should now get your Preflight Report with the added the company logo.

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