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Solution TitleHow to activate the trial for the database module?
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I've installed PowerSwitch 10, update 1, but can't find how to activate the trial of the database module.


PowerSwitch 10, update 1, comes with an optional module that eases the use of databases in combination with Switch. This module can be used for free during a 30-day test period. All you need to do to get access to these tools is to activate the trial for this module.


There are 3 ways to try out the new functionality based on the license state of PowerSwitch.

  1. PowerSwitch 10 is not yet licensed on the test system so you start with a clean installation of PowerSwitch 10, update 1.
    In this case, PowerSwitch will offer to activate a 30-day fully functional trial at first startup. Choose to activate this trial by following the steps in the wizard and all functionality, including the database features, will immediately become available at next startup.
  2. PowerSwitch 10 is running in trial at the moment update 1 is installed.
    In this scenario, the database features will be available at the first startup of PowerSwitch 10, update 1, and will be available for the remaining days of the trial period.
  3. PowerSwitch 10 is fully licensed at the moment update 1 is installed.
    In this case, it is not possible to run PowerSwitch 10, update 1, in trial mode anymore. To try out the new database features, contact Enfocus sales and they’ll provide you a separate key to try the database features for 30 days.
    To activate this key, go to the "About" panel and choose “Activate.” A message will appear and ask if you’re sure to activate a new license. Click OK to continue and follow the Wizard instructions, where you’ll be asked to provide the trial key. After successful activation and a restart, the database features will be available for 30 days. 

(Note that Switch can still be in trial and fully licensed at the same time if a full license key was activated during the trial period. In this case, the behavior will be as described in number 2 above.

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