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Solution TitleHow can I activate my Pitstop Pro floating license?
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I have bought a floating license of PitStop Pro and I do not know what to do next or how I activate this license.


(1) You will have to install Enfocus Workgroup Manager, this tool is available on our website:

Enfocus Workgroup Manager

With this tool you can activate your floating license key. You can install this tool on a server where then the clients will connect to.

If you purchased an upgrade floating license and wish to use it on a new system, then it is necessary to deactivate the previous floating license from the old system. When you installed the new version of the Workgroup Manager on the new system, then you can activate the old license and the upgrade license together. 

Make sure that you create an Enfocus ID first, as you will need to use that account to activate the key. 

You can create an Enfocus ID on this page:

Create Enfocus ID

(2) As soon as you have your key activated, you can go to the systems where you want to work with PitStop Pro and install PitStop Pro on those systems.

(3) After installation of PitStop Pro, launch Acrobat and go into the preferences of PitStop Pro > Licensing

Adobe menu > Preferences > Enfocus PitStop Pro Preferences

Edit menu > Preferences > Enfocus PitStop Pro Preferences

Here you have to fill in the IP address of the server or system where you installed PitStop Workgroup Manager.

If you would run into any problems during this set up then please contact and mention this article so that we can investigate further.

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