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Solution TitleHow does "attach extra email info" work?
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The "attach extra email info" allows you to add other email addresses to the files depending on where they came from.

The "Base map key on" property allows you to choose what you want to map with: the senders email address, email account or mail subject.

The "Email info map" property opens a panel. In this panel, you can define what the incoming email address, email account, or subject needs to match to in order to add this extra email info.


I'm receiving files from different customers. In my company, each person has his/her own customers that they are responsible for (called CSR). I want to set Switch up so that the correct CSR is copied to the emails sent back to their customers.

In the "Base map key on" you select "senders email address."

In "Email info map" panel you select the add button, enter customer1 as map key and the email address of the CSR that needs to be mapped to this customer.

You need to make sure that the key you've entered matches one of the following exactly:

  • the part of the email address in front of the '@' sign
  • the part of the email address following the '@' sign
  • the complete email address

All files sent in by this customer will now have this extra email address added to their job ticket, which can be used when sending notifications.

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