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Solution TitleHow can I set up a connection between SwitchClient and Switch?
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I want to start using SwitchClient to submit jobs, but I don't know how to set this up.


To setup a client connection:

  • Give Switch a meaningful name so it can be recognized easily in SwitchClient
  • Setup users and groups that will have access to PowerSwitch submit points and checkpoints
  • Setup SwitchClient to connect with PowerSwitch

Detailed instructions:

Give SWITCH a name

  • Open the Switch preferences dialog window and select the 'Application Data' category
  • Enter the name of your choice in the 'Server Name' property. This is the PowerSwitch server name that will be shown in SwitchClient.

Setup users and groups

  • Change Switch to the 'Users' view
  • Create one or more new groups and define access rights (view jobs, view submit points and view checkpoints)
  • Add as many users as you need and fill out all information. Make sure your users are members of the correct group.

Setup the SwitchClient

  • Launch SwitchClient on a computer in your network, noting that both Switch and SwitchClient should be running within the same internal network
  • On the Connections category, use the Add button to create a new connection
  • In this new connection, fill out the Host name or IP address of the Switch computer
  • Enter the port (if you didn't change the port in the PowerSwitch preferences, use 51008, which is the default port)
  • Enter a user name and password of a user that is defined in Switch
  • Press the Apply button to save your changes and connect to Switch
  • Once connected you'll be able to see submit points and checkpoints you are allowed to view and to submit & check jobs.
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