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Solution TitleHow to retrieve your full registration key using the About panel?
Solution Number00000489
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I can't find my full registration key, there is only a part visible in the About panel.

We don't show the full registration key in the About panel for security reasons.


If you want to find your full registration key, you should email with the following information:

1. A screenshot of the Register tab in the About panel 

- Open up the About panel

Windows => Help>About Third-Party Plug-ins>About PitStop Professional 

Mac => Acrobat>About Third-Party Plug-ins>About PitStop Professional

and then go to the register tab. Take a screenshot of this panel, it will have the User name, Organization name and key.

2. The support information

- Open up the About panel (see 1)

and go to the Support Info tab, click on the copy to clipboard button and paste this information either in the email or into a Text editor and attach that text file to the mail.


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