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Solution TitleHow to remove the Certified Information from a PDF automatically.
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A Certified PDF is a regular PDF that contains more information, such as the PDF Profile, the last preflight report ... All this extra information can make a Certified PDF quite large in file size.

PitStop Server is the best product to use if you need a lot of files to be adjusted automatically.

This can also be done by opening the PDF in Acrobat and performing a regular 'Save As.'

In the Hot Folder setup choose the make 'incoming PDFs uncertified' on the Certified PDF tab. This will make sure that the Certified PDF information is completely removed.

Do NOT use the 'Remove Certified Workflow Information' action. This action should only be used in combination with a selection. For example:
- select if title of the document is XXX
- remove Certified Workflow Information

In all other cases, the 'make uncertified' option in the Hot Folder setup should be used.


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